This dazzling gemstone has aptly secured a place for itself in the genre of “Precious Stones.” Known to be included in the Corrundum group of minerals, that contain Aluminium oxide and some trace elements, Sapphires are principally famous for possessing a blue color. Surprisingly, this gemstone is also found in Purple, Yellow, Green, and Orange hues. AIG (American International GemLab) Gemstones Laboratory Thailand deals with different kinds of gemstones and also provides gemstone testing and gemstone certificates. We test every day multiple types of gemstones and generate thousands of gemstone certificates that customers can easily verify through Android and IOS apps also on the website. Our end goal provide the Best Gem in Bangkok so, that we can earn customers’ faith and also customer get authentic gemstones.

There are multiple sources of Sapphire.

    • Tanzania
    • Madagascar
    • Australia
    • Thailand
    • Myanmar
    • Sri Lanka is a primary source of this precious gemstone

The immensely rare Padparadscha Sapphire which derives its name from the Sanskrit words ‘Padma’ and  ‘Ranga’ implies the rich color of Lotus Blossom is a prominent collectible because its color ranges from Orange to Pink. Another noteworthy variety of this gemstone is the Star Sapphire which belongs to the phenomenal category of corundum. Befittingly called the Star Sapphire since it exhibits ‘Asterism’ or ‘star effect.’

Sapphire is said to be of the Best Clarity Grade when it is ‘eye-clean’ which is to say that no inclusions are visible to the naked eye. But not all inclusions degrade the authenticity of a sapphire. If a gemstone shows Carbon Dioxide fluid inclusions, it suggests that this particular gemstone has not been treated and is purely natural. Another notable inclusion that is said to add value to the gemstone is ‘Silk’ which is formed by rutile needles.