Colored Gemstone Certificate

The colour of the gemstone very important feature in terms of selection. On the basis of colour of gemstone fashion designer and astrologer can select the coloured Gemstone. The colour of gemstone emits on the basis of martial from which coloured gemstone built. Every elements have different capacity to absorb light so, according to elements light absorption capacity the colours become appear. On the basis of colour there is two category of gemstone.

Self Coloured (Idiochromatic)

The colored gemstones have a single color known as idiochromatic gems malachite is invariably green in color so, it’s idiochromatic gems. If you see the element composition then copper (Cu) is a coloring agent and an essential component. The coloring element in a mineral’s crystal structure produces the characteristic color. Another colored gemstone, Peridot will always be shades of green due to its maximum iron content.

Other Coloured (Allochromatic)

Some coloured gemstone are in very pure form like Sapphires they do not have own colour. So, for producing the color there is addition on coloring agent so that can achive the coloured gemstone.
The way most objects interact with light determines their colour. Certain stones, like opal, literally absorb colour as light is refracted, creating “plays of colour” that vary depending on the viewing angle. However, we experience a remarkable alteration in our perception of colour for the vast majority of stones and even most items.
If a gemstone looks red reason behind the other colours of the spectrum are absorbed except red by the gem. Different light flashes produce different colour.

For measuring the color of the gemstone we have a grading scale on which we test the colored gemstone and generate the report of gemstone. Also in the report, we define the color types of gemstones. There are fixed types of colors from which we the gemstone have the color.