The bright colored Emerald belongs to the Beryl family of gemstones, owing its vibrant colors to Chromium and Vanadium , which are pivotal for the formation of this beautiful stone. Emerald occurred for the first time in an Egyptian mine roughly 100 years ago. Since then, there have been numerous sources, with Colombia being the largest one. Other sources include Zambia and Brazil. Interestingly, Muzo Green colored emerald from Colombia and Verdant Green colored emerald from Zambia are a few of the most premium ones. Not highly requested, but the Trapiche emerald is the rarest of all, characterized by a Hexagonal center with spokes, initially found only in Boyaca Emerald Mining district of Colombia.


When distinguishing between natural and synthetic emeralds, refractive index and magnification are the two crucial aspects of the inspection. Flaws in emeralds are concealed by Oiling, mostly done with Cedar Oil. The price of Emerald is inversely proportional to the treatment given to the gemstone. Emerald is also renowned for being a part of the “Big 3” alongside Ruby and Sapphire. What is newsworthy about this recognition is that the “Big 3” alone bring about more economic activity than all of the other stones put together. AIG deals with different kind of gemstones which will fulfill your requirement because every gemstone has specific importance in terms of astrology. Our aim to provide Best Gem in Bangkok so, that customers can benefit and get the best and lowest price gemstones in Bangkok.