Aigllabs pocket app

With the help of this App you can make our life more easier. It’s small app but fullfill your all needs. You can manage below things using app.

App available on

QR Code Scan

You can Scan all types certificate gemstone, diamond, jewellery & validate their identity.

Verify your certificate

You can verify our all types of certificate like gemstone, diamond & jewellery by entering certificate no.

Locate Us

Here app will provide all all information through which you can connect with us.


From this section you can do our multiple task like setup, view request, issues, verify and scan.


At the top right corner present notification icon from which you can notify with latest information.

Our Services

In this section list out our various services like shipping and laboratory and laser testing and certificate


You can save our id so, that you can view our different certificate, pickup and profile also update our details.


You can post our issues regarding our services we will resolve & will be notify in this section by notification

Your Pickups

If your customer is saved then you can view this section and review our all pickups and their details.

Your Certificates

If your customer id saved then you can view our all types of certificates. which is issued on your customer id.


You can post our Requests we will review & process it also will be notify in this section by notification


In this section you can view our information also you can update few of information it self.

If you stuck any where with our, services we always available for support you can contact us.

Our App has different communication medium like email, whatsapp, message and different chat medium like wechat and line through which you can contact us. We always available for assist better help.