Gemstones laboratory Thailand

American International GemLab (AIG) have the latest equipment and latest industries trending knowledge to to test gemstone. We determine its type, quality, and authenticity of the gemstone. Our team have great experience in testing and grading on the basis of these parameter we grade the and generating the gemstone report and certificate. Which is always attached with your gemstone. We provide both digital and printed report so that you can verify both way. We test the gemstone on the different parameters which is below.

Visual Inspection:

We inspect the gemstone on the basis of visual appearance like color, transparency, luster, and any visible inclusions or flaws.

Refractive Index (RI) Testing:

When we pass the light through the gemstone then limited light appear another side reason behind some light stop and refracted by Gemstone. The output of the light decide refractive index of the gemstone.

Specific Gravity Testing:

We compare the density of gemstone material corresponds with density of water. The detected gravity specify on the Gemstone identification Resport.

Hardness Testing:

There aim to determine the resistance of gemstone. Different stone have the different material so, resistance also differ and it help in identification.

Ultraviolet (UV) Light Testing:

Same as Refractive Index (RI) and Hardness testing we also pass light through Gemstone but light become ultraviolet rays. The output of received Ultraviolet rays define UV test result.

Polariscope Testing:

It's techniques through which we identify the gemstone strain patterns which exists inside the gemstone.

Our Grading Scale

Gemstone grading is analysing and specification of a gemstone’s quality and providing a specific grade based on various criteria. With the help of this process we¬† determine the value, rarity, and overall desirability of a gemstone. There are various factor on which we decided the grading factor and each factor our importance and specify individual properties.

Every gemstone special and specific in terms of material and visual appearance. Before we generate the gemstone identification report and Gemstone certificate we pass so many process. We assure the quality and authenticity of the gemstone. So, many customer and clients have faith on us that made us Gem Best laboratory in Thailand.