Laser Inscription

It’s the technique through which passes the laser beam which inscribed the symbol character or word on the diamond it can be anything like diamond report number of any unique identification. It’s very difficult and concise process, small mistake can cause big problem. Many diamond laboratory like AIG generally report identification number so, that in future can be summrize the history of the diamond.

How can see Inscription character

Laser inscription data can not be seen by naked eye. These character are written very small size. To view this type of data need microscope or tools through which you can see the character like 20x or more larger than it’s actual size. Most of diamond laboratories or testing lab have instrument you can also contact them to know laser inscribed data of the diamond.

Benefits of laser inscription

Avoid Frauds!

If your diamond tested and certified with good diamond laboratory then definately the laboratory will provide the certificate and identification report and the identification report number will be inscribed on the diamond so that in future you will be safe from fraud. In case your diamond exchange or anything happen then laboratory will identified the issue with it.

Personalized inscription

Apart from diamond identification number you and also personalize data like symbol logo or any personal choice words like anyone special name for which you buy or want to gift.