Diamond Report

Our two-fold diamond identification report provides detailed information about the origin and the characteristics of the diamond.

Colored Gemstone Report

AIG- American International GemLab is equipped with the state of art technologies, with the help of our highly advanced technologies and gemologist’s expertise we determine the authenticity and the identification of the gemstone. 

Jewlery Report

At AIG we determine the authenticity of the gemstone that the jewellery is featuring. AIG jewellery report also specifies the identification of the stone, the colour, clarity, shape of the stones, carat weight and the origin of the stone  

Pocket Card

AIG Pocket Card easy to carry whenever and where ever you are. AIG Pocket card comes with a QR code which helps to verify your gemstone certificate anywhere around the world with just a scan.

Lab Grown Diamond Report

lab-grown diamond also known as CVD or HPHT diamond. AIG Lab Grown Diamond report is also made with the same quality standard as for the natural diamond report using the global 4Cs standard assessment.  

AIG Seal Box

American International GemLab-AIG provides a highly secured seal box service for loose gemstones, which comes with a detailed report printed on the sealed box and a report verification number. The same can also be verified on our website or mobile application.