This is yet another gemstone from the Corrundum group. The word Ruby stems from the Latin word  ‘Ruber’ which means Red. The emergence of Ruby can be regarded as a fascinating phenomenon since it is atypical that Chromium oxide, which is normally present in the deepest extremities of the earth, surfaced precisely when Alumina was crystallizing. Astoundingly, it is Chromium that imparts Ruby its  distinct red color.

Though Ruby can be mined in Thailand, Australia, Cambodia, India, to name a few, Burma, present day Myanmar is the predominant source of this gemstone. Just like Sapphire, rubies are also known to show characteristics of Asterism (Star-effect), with the most unique one being Star Ruby.

A gemologist can differentiate between a natural and synthetic ruby by noticing the inclusions, for instance, fluid droplets and rutile needles. The aforementioned attributes will be common to rubies of natural origins. On the contrary, a synthetic ruby will not contain these specific structures. AIG Team have great experience in the identification and testing of gemstone. So, that end customer gets the Best Gem in Bangkok.